Spatial Statistics

Research Group

Welcome to the website of the research group of spatial statistics of the Public University of Navarra.

Research lines

Spatio-temporal epidemiology and gender-based violence

Development of both univariate and multivariate spatio-temporal models to estimate incidence and/or mortality risks of cancer and other chronic diseases, to highlight hotspots areas and clusters, and to discover geographical patterns of the disease. Additional applications include revealing spatio-temporal patterns of gender-based violence by regions in countries heavily plagued by this endemic problem such as India.

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Satellite imagery

Use of statistical techniques for improving the quality of information derived from the satellite imagery, a source of a great and rich quantity of spatially and temporally correlated data. Embedding the spatio-temporal dependence in the analysis of satellite images allows for developing techniques not only to fill missing data or mitigate the presence of outliers, but also to estimate trends and provide predictions.

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Environmental and agricultural applications

Analysis of environmental and agricultural issues and their interaction at regional, national, and global scale. Development and application of modern techniques in the field of spatio-temporal statistics, statistical models, and satellite images. Effective communication of research findings to a broad audience, and enhancement of teaching with cutting edged techniques pursuing the greatest benefit for society.

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Spatial Statistics Research Group

Public University of Navarre

Welcome to the website of the research group of spatial statistics of the Public University of Navarra. On this page you can find information on the activities and publications of the group and other related information.

Spatial Statistics is a research group dedicated to develop methodology and solve problems in the field of applied statistics in a broad sense. Currently, our research is focus on the statistical modeling of spatial and spatio-temporal processes with environmental and biomedical applications.

Much of the work is motivated by practical problems, like analyzing the space-time evolution of cancer mortality risks to facilitate epidemiologists and public health researchers to find risk factors that could affect cancer mortality. Detecting regions with extreme mortality risks is also our aim, helping society to avoid health inequalities.

The group aims to exchange knowledge, generate new thinking and work helping to solve real problems in many fields. Collaboration with companies, other research groups, and public administrations has been our rule. Specifically, the Basque Country Statistical Institute has implemented small area estimation procedures developed by our group.

Group Members

Ana F. Militino, PhD.

Full professor

María Dolores (Lola) Ugarte, PhD.

Full professor

Tomás Goicoa, PhD.

Full professor

Jaione Etxeberria, PhD.

Associate Professor

Guzmán Santafe Rodrigo, PhD.

Associate Professor

Paula Camelia Trandafir, PhD.

Associate Professor

Aritz Adin Urtasun, PhD.

Associate Professor

Unai Pérez Goya, PhD

Associate Professor

Carlos Echegoyen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Ugaitz Amozarrain, PhD

Research Assistant

Gonzalo Martín Vicente, PhD

Researcher (UNCuyo)

Francisco Cerveto Peña

Part-time lecturer

Erick Orozco

Ph.D. Student

Arantxa Urdangarin

Ph.D. Student

Garazi Retegui

Ph.D. Student

Harkaitz Goyena

Ph.D. Student

Erlantz Miguelez

Ph.D. Student



An R package to fit scalable Bayesian disease mapping models for high-dimensional data. Install from CRAN (stable version) or GitHub (development version)


Shiny application for the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal count data: SSTCDapp. SSTCDapp


A great update of RGISTools for downloading, managing, processing, and smoothing time series of satellite images in a easier way. Install from GitHub Here


An R package for downloading, processing, and smoothing time series of satellite images from Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel satellite programs in a uniform and standardized way. Install from GitHub Here


Ana F. Militino and Lola Ugarte
Department of Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathemathics
Campus de Arrosadia
31006, Pamplona
Navarra, Spain